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For Michael Bennett, an important part of a professional athlete is to use the exchange platform provided by his own fame and fortune as much as possible. The Seattle Seahawks professional bowl defensive end refers to not only to express their own ideas, but also put into action. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale in

“How do you solve the problem?” Bennett said, “how do you try to make a little contribution rather than sit there and talk about it? Practice is essential in activism and can show that what you know is right.

It is the practice of truth and facts than eloquent ideas lead Bennett earlier this month through Instagram announced: he will own all of the contract margin and half of their own jersey income donated to “STEAM (science, Technology, engineering, art, math) project to help rebuild minority communities and women of the colored race, hoping to provide more opportunities for young people and create a brighter future. ”

“This is one thing I want to do in my community, and I hope that other athletes can join their community.” Bennett said on Wednesday, “If no one else is going to help our community, we You should be a contributor and do some public benefits – try to set up a project so that young people at a disadvantage position get the chance they never had.

Over the past few years through their own foundation and childhood obesity fight Bennett, another concern lies in the construction of urban gardens. For this he has invested more than 350,000 dollars to Seattle, his hometown of Houston and he is now off the season home to Honolulu.

“I want to inspire other athletes, and I hope to inspire others to contribute to the community and do these things.” Bennett said, “there are too many people to pay a lot of effort, and they lack is the money, or they need more Many people hear about what they are doing, and that ‘s one thing you want to get back to the community to help. Buy Authentic Cheap Jerseys From China.

“I have been trying to find the right way; find a bridge across the gully; find the skills to use our platform, not just to sell ourselves, but also to change the community. How can we change our community How can we use Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, and all of these great athletes for us to create the platform and then follow their footprints? ”

In addition to his recently promised guarantee and jersey sales and his work has been done through the Foundation, Bennett also received free agent, quarterback Colin – Kaban Nick (Colin Kapernick) help for the Somali residents to send Go to food and drink water.

Bennett and Cabernet is a friend of the League of Nations is also rival, they are eager to use their own platform to do good deeds. Kapernick has been helping to help Love Army for Somalia send food and drinking water to drought-prone African countries and donate $ 50,000 to Meals on Wheels. Bennett noted remarkable progress in the charity of athletes in recent years, but he still wanted to see more of his athletes’ colleagues who could keep up with the pace of Cappenick and others.

“I think more athletes are engaged in their community, but then we need to do more public interest.” Bennett said, “We need to go into the community, find what people need to see if we can I think the athletes are beginning to realize that there are more things they can do, no longer just catch, rush and grapple. They give the children hope that when the children see us, they see Is hope. ”

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