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Shortly after the Los Angeles Rams were marked with the privilege of Trumaine Johnson, it was reported that they were discussing the deal and sent Johnson away before the start of the 2017 season. Cheap NFL Jerseys Good Quality.

But there is no progress in the transaction, and now ESPN reported that the team is willing to consider other options. The ram did not rule out the possibility of the deal, but they were also willing to renew Johnson.

It is reported that the two sides of the contract negotiations are expected to be in the team after the first offseason training began. This arrangement is in line with the plan described by Les Snead, the team’s general manager, in March, explaining the decision to give Johnson a privileged label.

“Because everyone is not familiar with, we need to train together, live together and see if we are all fit to play together,” Snyder said. “Truman is suitable for (defensive coordinator) Wade Philips? Wade for Truman?”

These questions may have a better answer after the team starts training. A complete season will give these questions the most comprehensive answer, but if both sides can complete the contract, then the Johnson franchise contract can reduce the $16.7 million salary cap space. Good Quality Cheap Jerseys.

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