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Texans perform the fifth year option

Houston Texas star defensive end Jed Weiden – Crowe’s rookie contract will continue, last season Jed Weidon – Crowe really show the champion of the way, he led no JJ-watt Of the Texas defense team, and help the team successfully into the Midland semi-finals, between Jed Weignan – Crowe you good performance, Houston Texas people choose to implement the fifth year of the existence of the option.

After the restoration of health, Crowe you proved their level, last season is his personal career in the best season, he played 14 times in the regular season, completed 55 grapples and 6 sack, he successfully selected Season of the All-Star and selected the second team, in the playoffs, he completed three grapples and a steals. Texas executives have implemented the option with Crowe’s next season, and Crowe will continue to prove his strength next season and strive for more advantages for future contracts.
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Since Claoney is a draft pick in 2014, his fifth-year contract option still costs a lot of money, so even if he did not re-sign a contract, the fifth year’s contract option was enough to keep Claoney satisfied , This is not much impact on the Texas people’s funds, the next season, the best defensive player JJ-watt will come back, defensive Titans Musselus outstanding state, coupled with the champion Claoney, Texas still have the most in the league Good defensive group.

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