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The dolphins are awesome, and the dolphins will replace the patriots

About the Miami Dolphins 2017 season shaking prediction is probably from the Miami Dolphins outside the receiver Jarvis – Landry, and the dolphin team’s first external voice is amazing, he said that the new England Patriot is now no The next season the dolphins will replace the Patriots’ position.

The two-time All-Star receiver said in an interview, he was 10 wins and 6 last season, the record and the first playoff tour was extremely inflated. While the New England Patriots last season

“If you are a competitor, then you need to have a good way to feel this way, and I never care that I have said these words.It is time to change, I am the New England Patriots have the world’s most noble Tribute, I am very respectful to Tom Brady, but now we stand up and I want to say that the Patriots are no longer the leader of our district, and the times have changed. “Landry said with confidence The

Miami dolphins have just gone through a sweet season, they are 10 wins and 6 losses successfully reached the playoffs, but the New England Patriots are still completed on the Miami Dolphins team double play, this team is the United States Eastern Union absolute Of the king, more than ten years this division of the other three teams were beaten by the Patriots was breathless, Landry in a playoff trip, already have the determination to fight hegemony.

“It’s funny, it’s a problem, we can not let these things happen again. When we see that when we start the game, sometimes we focus on the opponent but do not focus on ourselves. I also want to change , I want to play a game with the Patriots, and then take the victory of that game, which is what we need to do. “Landry seems to have been dominated by the shadow of the Patriots came out, but the Miami Dolphins break Will the reign of the New England Patriots really happen? We will wait and see.

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