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Andre Johnson’s last game is still in Tennessee Titans, but his career will end in Houston, Texas.

US time Monday, Texas official announced the team and Johnson will complete a day contract, that Johnson’s career will be determined in Texas end.

Excluding the Texas people have never been a reliable quarterback situation, Johnson in the past 12 years in Houston completed 1012 times to catch the ball to promote 13597 yards 64 touchdowns. His best season appeared in 2008 and 2009, these two years he is the first number of league ball yards.

2015 Johnson played in Indianapolis pony last season he played in Titan, two seasons together to complete 50 times to catch the 588 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Johnson’s 70th touchdowns made him the NFL history of the 40th touchdowns, and his total number of catch and catch the ball to push the code number is ranked 11th in the history of the league.

US time Wednesday, take over Andre – Johnson (Andre Johnson) to Houston Texas players as a retired, the 7 session of the professional bowl players at the press conference thanks to the mother once tears.

He said: “Everything I do on the court is because you, a lot of people do not know, I play American football this thing is very annoying, I was playing American football because in my growth process I do not want And then return to the kind of life in the past to see the mother of the sacrifice for the family, I remember when you sleepy night school to take me home, it is a family the most difficult time, I do not want to experience these, so I Thanks for what you do for me.

Johnson’s grateful object in addition to the mother and his uncle. On Johnson ‘s growth path, his uncle played a very good father role for him, and finally Johnson said: “Now I am ready to leave this road.

Johnson was chosen by the Texans in 2003, and he held almost all of the Texas-based record, and he was also a 15-player player who locked the Hall of Fame.

Johnson finally said: “I am the only regret here is not for the team to bring a champion.

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