NFL referee hope no longer improper celebration of the action whistled foul

NFL fans, players and referees seem to agree that the league is worried about limiting the players touchdowns too much.

Scott Green, chairman of the NFL referee association, said in an interview that the referees had decided that the coalition office would be in a difficult position to define which celebration should be whistled by fouls. Green said the referees prefer to cancel the whistled foul and instead use the fine way to punish the inappropriate celebration action.

Chicago bears back to line guard Sam Aqiao

Sam Acho stayed in Chicago.

Chicago bear on Saturday re-signed the outside line, the contract for a period of 1 year. This is his third consecutive season with the team signed a one-year contract.

Upcoming career 7th season of Ajo in the 2011 draft fourth round by Arizona Cardinals selected. He made 13 assists in the four season of the Cardinals, where he joined the Bears in 2015.

Ajo last season starting 6 games, made 1 sack 40 times grappling. He made at least one of the six seasons in the season to force the ball off.
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“There is nothing more than a player sprint 80 yards to get the array and then we try to figure out whether his celebration in the end area should be blown off the foul worse,” Green said. “We really do not like to do it.If we can do it just fine by the league, that would be great.We will still face the problem that the players will be very creative at the time of the celebration.For the question of whether it is a foul, Hope that we can use some of the situation can be more clearly defined.

Unfortunately, the NFL is considering exactly the opposite plan. They consider the use of only the foul foul to punish the celebration as an example and no longer fine afterwards. This gives the referee greater pressure to figure it out to look at the boundaries.

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