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49ers want to leave the coach Rathman joined the team Hall of Fame

Earlier this year, Tom Rathman (Tom Rathman) 23 years of 49ers career draw a period. But 49ers ready to let him forever become a member of the organization.

San Francisco 49 will join Ratman into the team Hall of Fame.

“Tom Rattman looks like, we want to see the players, coaches, staff look like.” 49ers CEO Jade – York (Jed York) said, “This twenty years, Tom for 49ers As a player, he is selfless, hard, every day to focus on their best side dedicated to the organization.When the coach is no time, his task is to let their own players to dig out Their full potential – whether as a player or as a man, Tom is our family, let him join the 49 Hall of Fame let us excited, he will become one of the greatest people in the team.

Two months ago, Ratman decided not to stay in the Kyle Shanahan coaching staff.

“I will not come back,” said the former full-back and running coach, Ratman, “I think leaving is the best option for everyone to do their own thing, and I will not feel uncomfortable Hope to run back, this is the only thing I want to do, I will wait for the next opportunity to come.

Vick accepted the role of Smith’s mentor

Mike Vick is now the New York Jets starting quarterback Smith’s bench, he last year all year in the Philadelphia Hawks as a substitute, as predecessors he as much as possible to help the young quarterback progress. But this does not mean that Vick is not eager to return to the peak, once again become a defensive coordinator’s nightmare. Although this opportunity is gradually getting less, after all, he has 34 years old this year.

But Vick is not complaining, he is playing a role worthy of Smith’s learning, but also in the fight for a chance or job opportunities.

Colts boss training camp site to the fans issued billions of bills

On Saturday in Anderson, Indiana, there was a group of training camps in the audience. Indiana Colts boss Jimmy – Elche shot generous, he was randomly at the scene to visit the team training camp fans pay $ 100 cash.

Pro-Football-Talk program has reported that Escher often carries large amounts of cash. In an interview with a journalist in June, he showed a $ 100 briefcase. On March 16th he was arrested by the police for illegal traffic, when he carried $ 29,000, and the police seized a pack of drugs, including a prescription drug that was not given to himself.

Escher said: “You think I am too generous, but I think this is nothing. This is my way of life, has nothing to do with the law.Created content is just a hype, I do everything is allowed in the law, It ‘s not a big fuss.

“I am with the 49ers through thick and thin 23 years, has always been a member of the 49ers, the future will be the case.I will let this team with my colleagues, because this is my identity. And 49ers members of the Hall of Fame Let me feel proud of those who can be back to Joe Perry, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie, Lott, Roger Craig and Dwight Clark, there is history, and it is so great to be with them.

Rotman is a member of the team’s Hall of Fame and spent the second time with 49ers.

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